Client Impact


"Five days after participating in a SellXL workshop, one of our salespeople used the session's key concepts and was able to secure an appointment with a C-level executive whose last interaction with our company was more than seven years ago. As suggested in the workshop, the salesperson did his homework and researched the organization, as well as the C-level executive. He also found several key points that resonated with the executive and then formulated his approach to the executive in a particularly compelling way. The result was our first meeting with an C-level executive where we had previously been blocked!"

Bill Dubiel
Director of Commercial Sales for North America
Ventana Medical Systems

"The concept of the relevant executive that is delivered in the SellXL workshop is very powerful for both marketing and sales. Being able to identify and gain access to that relevant executive, then establishing your credibility and value are key concepts that can be very impactful. Delivering the right message to the right executive at the right time is critical in today's fast-paced sales environment."

Senior Director of Global Marketing
Major Health Care Company

"The SOS and SellXL workshops, combined with a well-defined sales process, enabled the transformation of the company’s sales culture from transactional selling to a professional, consultative selling organization. Contrary to many sales enablement tools, the sales team embraced the SOS tool, due to its visual nature and the ability to quickly uncover key actions required to increase the chances of winning that deal.”

Richard Barber
Formerly, Sales Operations Director
Celestica - North America
Toronto, Canada

“Sell XL – Selling at the Executive Level - has been a great addition to the growth of our sales team. We especially like how the learning is targeted at the key decision makers – called the relevant executive – and how it teaches our people to strive to become a “Trusted Advisor” not just a salesperson for their customers! The most unforgettable lessons were our conversations on how to gain access to decision-makers, and then do well with your “customer facing time” while leveraging your value! We would recommend this program to anyone (except our competition) who wants to build the confidence of their sales team in approaching people who used to intimidate them. A major win for the next level of selling.”

Rich Teza
Senior Managing Director
Aviation Sales Force
Aviall - a division of Boeing

"We used Sales Opportunity Snapshot (SOS) to drive our sales process. It contains an intuitive, easy-to-use desktop tool that has enabled our salespeople to more effectively manage a complex sale and influence the decision process. Since implementing SOS, we have been able to compress the time-to-closure and increase our sales win-rate, resulting in a significant improvement in sales productivity."

Steve Tafaro
Vice President, Sales
CyberShift, Inc.

"Our company is extremely conservative in terms of spending. Believe it or not, in our 30-year history, we've never invested in sales training prior to the SellXL workshop. After reading the articles available on your website, though, I pursued the SellXL workshop for these reasons: (1) Your articles were research (survey) based, (2) They focused on complex sales (not simple product sales) and addressed long sales cycles.
To my delight, the training was a smashing success and absolutely relevant to the our sales process. (The case study was almost a fictional account of one of my sales opportunities!) After the end of the workshop, I had multiple attendees ask me how I found a workshop so pertinent to our business, and thanked me for putting this together."

Jenny Prater
Business Development Manager
Multi Service Company

"As our sales reps have experienced, you will absolutely differentiate yourself if you participate in Selling at the Executive Level (SellXL) workshop and become a trusted advisor to your senior executive buyers."

Rudie Roy
Director of Sales Training
MRO Software

"The content and design of the SellXL materials were perfect and they will be used extensively as we now implement the process in our field sales organization. The workshop delivery was flawless and it clearly surpassed my expectations in many ways including content, applicability and engagement."

Rafaela Reyes
Senior Training Development Manager
Brother International

"SellXL not only provides actionable strategies that accelerate achieving sales goals and objectives, but more importantly helps take relationships with C-level executives to the next level based on clear demonstration of trust, credibility and alignment of business value."

Karen Jackson
Director, Americas Business Development
Computer Sciences Corporation

The SellXL workshop had great overall content. It was a good combination of case study with real life situations. Lots to follow up on!

Great job at making the course relevant to all levels and job functions in the room. We (our company) needs to expose other teams internally to this workshop.

It was very helpful to learn how to deal with C-Suite executives. Even an old dog can learn new tricks. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom. This truly was refreshing!
Eye opening session for mid-level managers. I actually learned a couple of things. Going in, I didn’t think I would.
Very provocative session—[having us] look at our language and our presentation is extremely valuable.
Great overall content. Good combination of case study with real life situations. Lots to follow up on!
Very informative and thought-provoking. There was great interaction with the group and good examples provided. I would like to attend the course again - now that I know what to expect.
Now I won't be intimidated by C-level executives. In addition, I can act immediately on what I learned today. The facilitator also provided great stories related to the real world that illustrated the concepts.
Make sure we are making the effort to share with our customers what we have done for them and reinforce our track record of delivering value.
I found this training to be very refreshing because it made us think outside the box and it brought our selling up a level. You gave us lots of silver bullets we can use with customer executives. This clearly raises the bar in our approach to selling!
This workshop gave me tremendous tips on accessing C-level executives. I also liked the tools that were made available to prepare and conduct executive-level calls.
This workshop gave me the confidence to sell to C-level executives. You gave us the tools to continue to demonstrate our value in this very competitive market
Being able to develop these kinds of quality relationships with our clients will only drive business as we move forward
A great refresher course and reminder of the steps and strategies we need to use to become a trusted advisor to our customers. There were some great concepts and ideas presented.
The SOS Workshop was excellent, extremely engaging, refreshing, intelligent and genius. If I can apply all of the principles I will be so successful!
Although I’m not a salesperson, this workshop has helped me understand more of what it takes to “know” the customer and what salespeople have to do to close the deal
Having attended the SOS workshop, I'll now approach each sales opportunity more objectively versus emotionally. The SOS tool will help me decide which opportunities to aggressively pursue and which to spend less time on - and maybe even disengage!
The SellXL workshop has changed the way I will approach executives. I now have a better understanding of the executive's perspective on how they would like to work with us