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Selling to the C-Suite Reviews

Selling to the C-Suite

A number of sales executives and sales professionals have had an opportunity to review our book. Here's what some of them had to say about Selling to the C-Suite

"The business world is drowning in a flood of sales books. The trouble is that most of these books are about how to sell, without a clue about how customers buy, and so they do more harm than good. This book is different. It is firmly rooted in how people buy and so it works. And an added bonus that particularly appeals to me; the book is based on research which makes it rare and welcome."
-NEIL RACKHAM, Author of SPIN Selling and seminal thinker on sales effectiveness.

"As an educator on the college level teaching professional selling, I found this book to be invaluable if you are interested in learning how to sell to the top executives. Not only does it help you understand when to engage the executive, it also tells you how to get access. If that was not enough the book also focuses on how to create value and build credibility with the executives. It is a must read for anyone who interacts with top executives."
-DAN C. WEILBAKER, Ph.D., McKesson Pharmaceutical Group Professor of Sales, Northern Illinois University.

"This book is like a one day MBA in Selling to Executives. A must read for sales professionals - both new and experienced - who want to get better at their craft."
-TOM MARTIN, President, Strategy 2 Revenue. Former President of North America for Miller Heiman, Inc.

"Sales professionals who align with key executive decision makers, early in the sales process, have a higher win rate and make more money than their peers. Steve and Nic have meticulously researched and distilled the best practices that distinguish the sales people who can sell at the executive level and are seen as trusted advisors. Credibility is the foundation of being a trusted advisor. Selling to the C-Suite lays out when and how to access Executives, as well as how to establish credibility and value."
-BILL WALDEN, former Director Sales Effectiveness, The TAS Group

"If Sun Tzu lived today, he would write this book. Chinese executives seek relationships to help their personal agenda and reduce their risk. Selling to the C-Suite is full of sage advice from two master practitioners on how to become a 'relationship master', but most importantly is based on the executive's view. We were honored to partner in China on the research project, and this book brings those secrets to life in exciting ways."
-ANNE AN 安欣, Chief Learning Officer, hi-Soft Technology International, and former manager of the Hewlett Packard Business School, Beijing China.

"A straightforward, pragmatic approach on how to gain and retain access to the executive level. Those new to executive sales will find a game plan they can use immediately. Veterans who regularly call on executives will use this book to sharpen their game."
-CHIP BRUBAKER, Vice President - Americas Sales Readiness, CA.

"Too many salespeople have no idea if they're winning or losing, and it's usually because they're meeting the wrong people and asking the wrong questions too low down the food chain. As a result, their sales forecasts are no better than a lottery. This book pulls no punches in showing why sales and marketing fails to connect to executives, and what to do about it."
-GORDON CLUBB, Managing Director, SAS Institute Australia & New Zealand.

"I finished this book in one sitting; it is easy to read and I was very impressed. It holds practical advice on how to get to the decision-makers in the context of sales but also applies in many other situations where the objective is influence. Having learned these lessons the hard way while transforming a Chinese State Owned Enterprise into a globally competitive business, I wish this book had been available when I first started!"

"Nic Read and Dr Bistritz show us how to reach out to executives using ideas from those executives. It's proven and it works."
-ANDY SIM, Director Commercial Business, Singapore, Cisco Systems.

"We hear a lot about being a Trusted Advisor, but what does that really mean? The authors clearly define that role with the insight, definition and actions required to establish and sustain credible value-based engagements with senior executives. If your success depends on being engaged early in your customer's decision process and you're in a market that demands value based differentiation then this is a must read."
-GARY SUMMY, Direct Sales Development, Trane Commercial Systems, and Directors of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA)

"Nothing on your shelf right now will tell you more about why salespeople fail to engage with CXOs, or what they need to do to earn the role of ‘trusted advisor'. Supported by revealing research and cutting insights, Read and Bistritz take you on a journey to discover why sales people fail to engage with CXOs, and provide practical advice on what they need to do to earn their way in."
-HUGH MACFARLANE, Author of The Leaky Funnel and CEO of MathMarketing.

"This book offers something for every salesperson no matter how long they've been selling. For the new entrant to the profession, it offers proven tips for getting to the executive suite. For the seasoned salesperson, it provides time honored techniques for staying there!"
-KAREN JACKSON, former Director of Business Development, Americas, Computer Sciences Corporation

"To not adopt these concepts puts you at risk to being left out in the lobby, while your competitor is in the client's Boardroom."
-MICHAEL BOLAND, Co-Author of Get-Real Selling

"Finally, a book on selling to executives that isn't built on yesterday's traditional sales thinking! Anyone who's serious about the business of selling-as it exists today-needs to read this book."
-JERRY STAPLETON, President Stapleton Resources and Author of From Vendor to Business Resource

"This book clearly explains the nature of different relationships within an organization and is a great guide to navigating your way through them to increase your prospect of making a sale. In my experience the depth and breadth of your relationship as a trusted advisor best ensures ones selling success. I also particularly liked the comment that Marketing Executives need to understand that marketing should be about making money."
-ALAN ISAAC, Chairman, KPMG New Zealand (retired)

"Most of what's out there from the experts on selling to executives is as dated as the cassette tapes we heard their message on the first time! Selling to the C-Suite offers a fresh, internet-age view on why selling at the top matters so much in today's global B2B sales environment. The authors shed new light on the realities that make selling to executives harder to do today than ever before, and offer street-level coaching on how to secure ongoing executive access to drive unrivaled leverage!"
-TIM CAITO, CEO Line of Sight.

"This book is absolutely on the button in terms of relevance to any sales organization, as it dispels so many myths and reinvigorates a sales team's attention to the real art of selling. I think all sales staff at all levels should keep this by their bed or on their desk, and refer to it daily!"
-ANDREW MOON, CEO, Billback Systems.

"The book puts into words what successful sales reps practice - mostly unaware of doing so. As a salesman and trainer, I love how it is able to generate a that's it! moment for both battle-hardened and new reps, especially summarized points that they can quickly act on."
-IAN LOH, Director, Sales Productivity, EMC South Asia

"If you've always wondered how the other sales guy got to the CEO and you didn't, start reading this book and earn serious commissions!"
-LINDSAY LYON, Founder & Chairman, Datacatch Inc. and former GM Commercial Sales for Hewlett Packard Australia

"If ever there were insights into the minds of today's executives, this book is it. Based on solid research, Steve Bistritz and Nic Read share with you what today's executives are thinking, how to get in front of them and what to do when you get there. The appendix alone should be a mandatory read for any high level sales representative."
-GARY CONNOR, Author of Sales Games and Activities for Trainers

"How quickly we fall into a comfort zone of selling features and benefits but in most cases this just won't cut it at the Executive Level. In a world where Marketing and Sales functions are being reshaped by the impact of the Internet, this book provides timely guidance, backed up by research into what drives decision makers at the top. After reading this book you will find yourself taking lessons from it straight to your next prospect meeting - and it works!"
-BILL MCNAMARA, CEO, Marketing Decisions, Eloqua distributor

"This is a very practical approach to calling on executives. The authors tell us why it is important and how to do it. Getting access to the executive level is one battle, but knowing what to talk to them about when you get there is another. This book provides a road map. Every organization calling on Fortune 1000 companies needs this information."
-RENIE McCLAY, former president of the Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training (SMT).

"In today's selling environment, having the confidence and knowledge to sell at the C-level is often the difference between success and failure for B2B sales teams. In a clear, concise and compelling way, Steve Bistritz and Nic Read solve the mysteries surrounding selling to senior executives and provide all the tools and resources needed to access, leverage and create winning relationships in the corner office. Definitely a must read."
-CHRIS DEREN, CEO, Sellmasters

"Great information on a critical topic for all salespeople. The sale to an executive is made during the questioning process, not in your product presentation. You can't sell anything to an executive until you have first sold yourself."
-DUANE SPARKS, Author of Action Selling and Chairman of The Sales Board

"More and more sales organizations are realizing the most effective means to get ink is to start at the top of the management chain and work your way down to exactly the right office. The trouble is, many sales professionals are skittish about making contact with anyone in a position greater than middle management for fear of being rejected. Selling to the C-Suite is a no-nonsense roadmap for sales pros who are ready to try something highly effective. Steve and Nic have put together a powerful guide that will soon have you aiming for the Executive Suite with confidence."
-DAN WALKER, Executive Producer,

"The data is real; the suggestions are right on target; and the tools are designed to help any sales professional succeed in selling to the CXO level. Identifying the relevant executive and becoming a trusted business advisor takes dedication and determination. This book has outlined all the necessary steps to guide you for several years to come. I'm buying a copy for each member of my sales organization, and I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to be the best in their field."
-VINCE MELOGRANA, Former National Sales Director, Base-Line, Inc.

"Bistritz and Read are world-class experts in the discipline of selling to executives. Savvy sales professionals, as well as the senior executives they report to, will value Selling to the C-Suite as the guide to gaining and maintaining access to those most-influential members of the customer's executive team-the inner circle."
-DAVID STEIN, CEO and founder, ES Research Group, Inc.

"Under the current changing market, we all need to show our unique value to customers. To help them become true Trusted Advisors, all of our sales will learn from this book."
-ATSUHIRO OZEKI, General Manager, Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc., Tokyo Japan.

"Being capable of selling at the executive level is more essential now than ever before. Those who can communicate value and build a relationship of trust with senior executives become the real stars in today's sales universe. This book can be your rocket to success."
-CHARLES BATES, CEO of WinningByDesign.

"Very insightful & practical. I can see this book being invaluable to all sales professionals, especially those who focus on the B2B arena. Plus it's written in plain English with good examples that help explain the intricacies, theories and art of selling."
-KEVIN FONG, CEO, China Automobile Association, a subsidiary of IAG.

"Nic Read and Dr Bistritz have done a masterful job summarizing how to approach and sell to executives. If you read this and apply its secrets, you'll win more, more of the time."
-MICHAEL GALLAGHER, President, The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

"Selling to the C-Suite is the ultimate resource for those who want to get through to the most powerful decision-makers in today's business world. Globalization is happening now, and Nic Read and Dr. Bistritz have the experience, the know-how, and the research to guide you."
-DAN HILL, President Sensory Logic, Inc. and Author of Emotionomics: Winning Hearts and Minds.

"Based on real research and great insights into how and why executives buy, Steve and Nic provide a pathway to success for anyone selling at the executive level. It doesn't matter where you are in your sales career, you will benefit from this book."
-PAUL ALDO, Ph.D., President, Executive Performance Solutions, Inc.

"Steve and Nic provide a great history lesson that helps us understand why Marketing and Sales is different in the new millennium and provides the research background to prove their points. If you want to become effective at the C-Suite, this book, its references, models, and tools are incredible."
-JIM GRAHAM, former Chief Learning Officer, R.R. Donnelley



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