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Affiliate Partners are represented by businesspeople who have excelled in high-potential sales roles in companies throughout the world.  Each partner possesses a level of expertise that is unique to their specific field. In addition, each Affiliate Partner has outstanding facilitators within their company who deliver workshops offered by

Each partner is well equipped to work with our clients to drive results by leveraging our workshops to elevate individual, team and company performance.

Performance Technologies

Michael Boland
1 Oakland Avenue; # 562
Dayton, OH 45409
Office: (937) 267-1396
Cell: (937) 307-1419

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Sales training, including SellXL and SOS
  • Sales leadership, executive coaching, strategic planning & development
  • Management coaching and organizational development

Background and Brief Bio:

Michael is a business consultant and sales advisor with more than 30 years of experience with both domestic and international organizations. He helps organizations on a wide variety of sales, organizational and leadership issues. His strength is his ability to tackle issues, open minds and convert problems into opportunities.

Michael moves people and companies from inertia to a focused path and measurable success. He is a keynote speaker and co-author of the book, Get Real Selling: Your Personal Coach for REAL Sales Excellence.

Effective Empowering Leaders

John Harris
4670 Regency Trace
Atlanta, GA 30331
Office: (404) 629-1564
Cell: (404) 421-9862

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Improving the effectiveness of sales organizations
  • Consulting, coaching, opportunity management (SOS) and account planning
  • Management training and consulting, change management

Background and Brief Bio:

John began his career with IBM and held a number of positions in sales, sales management and sales consulting.  As a Managing Partner with Target Marketing Systems, which was subsequently acquired by Siebel Systems, John led the development and deployment of a proprietary sales process for IBM worldwide.  Effective, based in Tel Aviv, is's exclusive distributor in Israel and also works with global clients in Europe such as  IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco Systems, Amdocs, Orbotech, Ness Technology, ICTS Europe, Taldor and others.

Doug Boyle

Douglas K. Boyle
4 Lynch Gate Close
Sandhurst, Berkshire
United Kingdom

Office: +44 1252 876 454
Cell: +44 7545 296 557

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Facilitation of sales development methodologies, including SellXL
  • Opportunity management facilitation, including SOS
  • Consulting skills and capabilities
  • Leadership development & change management
  • Coaching to effective leadership

Background and Brief Bio:

Doug began his career with IBM in the United States with an array of responsibilities in front line sales and management, and continued on to include work in Asia, South America and through IBM’s channel in the western United States.

Doug moved his practice to Europe in the mid 90s, and was a founding partner in a Swiss consulting firm. Doug is a highly skilled facilitator and consultant and works with a variety of clients such as Alcatel, Amgen, Bausch and Lomb, Booz&Co, Cende, Citrix, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, HP, IBM, and many others.

Responsibility Centered Leadership

Kent J. Gregoire
3500 Lenox Road, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326
Office: (404) 949-0199

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Social Selling (SocialSellXL), Sales 2.0, Opportunity qualification and management, social selling, sales training,
    sales re-engineering , using SellXL and SOS
  • Sales performance, sales leadership and coaching
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, InsideView, Hootsuite, and Blogging

Background and Brief Bio:

Let me show your entire sales teams how to excel in Social Selling at the Executive Level (SocialSellXL™) – where top-dollar deals are made and client loyalty means most.

Today's buyer is asking professional sales people to adapt -- and I work with sales teams so that they have a powerful definition of social selling and a systematic process to implement social Selling into their daily sales process -- to generate more leads, shorten sales cycles and close more sales.

I am a co-developer (with Steve Bistritz) of the SocialSellXL program and a published author in the Harvard Business Review article Tweet me, Friend me, Make me Buy. I have a copy for you -- just ask.

Technical Sales Development

Art Fromm
3374 Beebe Road
Newfane, NY 14108
Office: (716) 751-6378
Cell: (716) 799-7797

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Consultative sales training and sales transformation, including SellXL
  • Tailored in-person or virtually delivered workshops and consulting
  • Webinar mastery - ensuring that virtual training keeps participants engaged and achieves the desired

Background and Brief Bio:

Art began his career as a mechanical engineer and quickly moved into engineering software applications which led to 20 years of sales and sales management positions. In the role of team lead/management, Art began training and developing teams which led to a formal internal sales development role. That eventually led to the formation of his firm, Technical Sales Development.

Tafaro & Associates

Steve Tafaro
9 Redwood Road
Morristown, NJ 07960
Office: (973) 615-0214
Cell: (973) 615-0214

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Working with CEOs of technology companies to develop and implement strategic and tactical solutions that improve competitive performance, while increasing revenues and shareholder value
  • Sales Re-engineering , using SellXL and SOS
  • Building Sales force competencies and effectiveness

Background and Brief Bio:

Steve Tafaro has more than 35 years of executive management, sales, and marketing experience in the enterprise software, e-commerce, telecommunications and financial services industries. He has held executive positions with IBM and Oracle.

In 1990, he founded Tafaro & Associates where he has been providing business advisory and interim executive management services to small and emerging technology companies focused on improving sales performance, marketing effectiveness and shareholder value. He served as VP of Sales and Channel Development for Cybershift, Inc. where he implemented both SellXL and SOS.

Today, Steve provides advisory and business development services designed to help companies improve shareholder value and sales growth.

LPD Inc.

Dan Stiff
10 Farm Ridge Ct.
Baldwin, MD 21013
Office: (410) 592-3876
Cell: (443) 255-1821

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Calling on C-Level executives, including SellXL
  • Sales and marketing, brands, leadership, coaching, motivation
  • Situational leadership and financial acumen
  • Certified in numerous flagship programs such as trust /culture, business reality and emotional intelligence  

Background and Brief Bio:

Dan had nearly 20 years of corporate experience with NCR, Black and Decker and DeWALT.  He always had an emphasis on leadership, sales, brands and sales training.  He started his own company, LPD Inc. in 1999 and has worked extensively in more than 20 industries - ranging from aviation to fitness equipment.  

He is a keynote speaker and author of the book, Sell the Brand First - published by McGraw-Hill.  His book teaches salespeople to bring their company’s valuable brand equity to life throughout the customer engagement and selling process.

T.K. Kieran & Associates, Inc.

T.K. Kieran
2221 Peachtree Road NE
Suite #D-305
Atlanta, GA  30309
Office:   (404) 352-8839
Cell:       (404) 372-2302 Website:

Areas of Expertise/Competencies:

  • Sales training, including SellXL and SOS
  • Sales leadership, executive coaching, strategic planning & development
  • Management coaching, organizational development and value propositions

Background and Brief Bio:

T.K. Kieran brings vast experience in training, facilitation and interaction with corporate executives to She established her own consulting firm, T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. more than 20 years ago and has worked with board members, CEOs and senior executives to help them achieve significant increases in top‐line revenues and bottom‐line profits.

TK speaks regularly about success principles of Opportunity Management, Strategic Account Management and Sales and Profit Growth.  She has led sales training workshops throughout the U.S., France and the U.K. for many of the Global 1000 companies.   Throughout her career she has successfully coached several hundred CEOs/owners to greater profitability through sales optimization efforts.


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