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About is a sales training and consulting company based in Atlanta, that helps sales teams gain access, describe their value, and ultimately, become perceived as trusted advisers to senior executives in client organizations.

The company was founded by Dr. Steve Bistritz, a recognized author and lecturer in selling at the executive level Steve has led a number of studies during his career, directed specifically at CXO-level executives, where they were asked about their roles in the decision-process for major purchases, as well as their relationships with salespeople.

Steve Bistritz knows selling. He is one of the foremost authorities on the subject, and combines a unique background of over 30 years of sales and sales management experience with a doctorate in adult learning from Vanderbilt University, which makes him an excellent developer of sales and sales training materials as well.

Steve is a published author and lecturer in the field of sales, sales management and selling at the executive level. He co-authored the best-selling sales book, Selling to the C-Suite that was based, in part, on his SellXL workshop.  The book was enthusiastically endorsed by Neil Rackham and published by McGraw-Hill.

Steve spent more than 27 years at IBM where he managed and led the instructional design, development and implementation of numerous national sales training programs.  In 1994, he left IBM and led the development of nationally recognized sales training programs and processes such as Target Account Selling and Selling to Senior Executives for Target Marketing Systems, which was subsequently acquired by Siebel Systems. During that process, he had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies ranging from start-ups to global leaders. In 2002, Steve founded with the goal of providing businesses of all sizes with sales training workshops of the highest quality.

His articles on managing and winning major sales opportunities, selling to executives and other sales and marketing related issues have appeared in numerous publications including Velocity - the Quarterly Journal of the Strategic Account Management Association, Selling Power magazine, the Journal of Selling and Major Account Management, BtoB Magazine and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Many of his articles are available for download in the resource library on this site.

For more information, contact Steve Bistritz in Atlanta, Georgia USA.(Eastern Time Zone of the United States). Call Steve at (404) 256-1801 in the United States or e-mail: - or complete the Contact Us form in the drop-down menu.

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